Release of the New Version 2.2 of ARIS Software

We are happy to inform you about the release of the new version 2.2 of ARIS Software.  What’s New in ARIS v2.2 release 160330:

    • Separate Activity Calculator is implemented in RASOD module that allows to calculate future and past activities of a source;
    • In Authorization module in Reports menu Single Reports link is added to generate authorization single reports;
    • Region, District, City separate checkboxes were added in the Authorization Reports page;
    • GPS coordinates are added in LICENSEE module. Now users can add information about GPS coordinates by filling data in New Licensee page. GPS fields also are added in licensee reports;
    • Possibility to add more than one photo in RASOD module is implemented, now all added photos are shown in slideshow;
    • In AUTHORIZATION module a new tab Conditions is added with following fields:
      • Auth. reg. No – automatically filled,
      • Condition status – dropdown menu, with link to auxiliary,
      • Status date,
      • Comments,
      • Attach Files.
    • Conditions status auxiliary table is added to AUTHORIZATION module;
    • In RASOD module, in sealed sources history the position of GPS fields is changed. GPS fields are placed under the Comments fields;
    • In RASOD module, in auxiliary table Generator model the Wave form field is changed form required to not required;
    • In Generators model auxiliary table Unknown value in the Wave form field is added;
    • In RASOD module, in Unsealed details page Serial number field is added;
    • Names of .xml files, which are holding national language terms, are changed to lang_Rasod.xml, lang_Inspection.xml, lang_Licensee.xml, lang_Authorization.xml. This will allow users to identify files and copy to a backup folder and then to restore files after reinstallation of ARIS;
    • Users with restricted permissions can see only that modules and menus for which they have permissions;
    • Users database was optimized and all tables and SQL procedures not related to the users and users permissions were transferred to a new database (ARIS.sdf ) based on Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0;
    • Information needed for upgrade of the database during restore procedure previously stored in the users database also was removed and transferred to the new database -ARIS.sdf;
    • URLs were changed to friendly URL’s. For example http://localhost/ARIS/DatabaseAndFilesBackup.aspx URL now in address bar is shown without  .aspx, e.g.http://localhost/ARIS/DatabaseAndFilesBackup;
    • In ARIS_Required_Programs_ClickOnce_2.2.30 SAP Crystal Reports updated to version Crystal Reports 13_0_16. The installation package ClickOnce was modified to be able to install on Windows 10 OS and use of Microsoft Edge.

We hope the new and improved ARIS will help you in your work. As always, we thank our user for their support and invite you to send us your suggestions for improving the program.