Advanced Regulatory Information System (ARIS) is a software application developed by the NRSC in the framework of U.S. NRC Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership program, to assist Regulatory Bodies in managing their regulatory activities connected with registration of sources of ionizing radiation, licensing of the using of sources, as well as for managing inspections at the user sites and accounting of nuclear materials. ARIS promotes a consistent and common approach to the regulatory control of radiation sources while offering the flexibility to respond to the specific needs of a Regulatory Body, with respect to their national legislative frameworks, administrative structures and institutional and regulatory frameworks. As of March 2016, a new version of the ARIS has been released – ARIS v2.2. The version 2.2 comprises the best features of the previous versions of RASODAUTHORIZATION, LICENSEE and INSPECTION modules. The new version enhance the managerial aspects of ARIS and add more convenience for simultaneous working with different modules. The version is accessible at http://aris.am/demo for testing.


ARIS is a comprehensive system covering all main areas of the regulatory framework:

  • Radiation sources and associated equipment (RASOD);
  • Authorizations (AUTHORIZATION);
  • Facilities and Departments (LICENSEE);
  • Inspections and Enforcement (INSPECTION);

Now the development team is finalizing the next version (ARIS v2.5). This version includes many enhancements and modifications suggested by users community. Essential modifications are listed in the table of modifications presented on the Support page.


The main advantages of ARIS are:

  • the software is easy to use and at the same time contains all data fields to satisfy regulatory processes to control of sources ;
  • the software can be installed on server or on personal computer;
  • accessing the program is through internet browser;
  • checking for mistakes to reduce human errors;
  • ARIS can be integrated in the regulatory processes such as registration, authorization, inspection and enforcement;
  • protection of vital data against unintentional modification or deletion;
  • tracking all modifications and activities in database;
  • access control to protect data against unauthorized access and to ensure data confidentiality;
  • functional roles and data roles of users;
  • data of manufacturers and models of sealed sources, radiation generators and associated equipment are included;
  • background functionalities, such as data consistency checks, data protectors;
  • comprehensive and flexible reporting and data analysing tools.


The U.S. NRC Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership program supports States in the implementation of ARIS through users training and regional workshops and by providing the necessary equipment and expertise for installation of the system. For further information please contact: support@aris.am.

ARIS Development Team

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Jan Salava Technical Consultant
Giga Basilia Technical Consultant
Suren Bznuni Technical Consultant
Karen Haroyan Technical Consultant
Alexander Stepanyan Technical Consultant
Armen Kradjyan Programmer
Gagik Sargsyan Programmer
Yura Brutyan Programmer
Mushegh Movsisyan Programmer
Gayane Mkhitaryan Testing and Quality Manager
Arpi Khachatryan Testing and Quality Manager
Armen Amirjanyan Scientific Leader

ARIS Users Worldwide